New Prince of Persia Leaked?

Last time we saw a Price of Persia game was way back in 2010 when The Forgotten Sands was released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The game itself only managed to get a lukewarm welcome from critics around the world. It wasn’t a resounding success as all the Prince of Persia games in the past.

Since then we haven’t heard much about another Prince of Persia game. That was only until now. On Climax Studios website a number of images have popped up out of nowhere.

The images were spotted first by SalsaShark at NeoGAF. The images were accompanied by the caption of ‘Unannounced Character Platformer – 2013.’

In the images we get to see a young man running around. He looks a lot like the Prince from the Prince of Persia games, although we never get to see his face. However, the sword slung on his back is the ditto copy of the Prince’s weapon.

Besides that, the game has been classified as Character Platformer. Could it be that the Prince of Persia game is visiting its roots from back in the day to find that magic once again that made it so special in the hearts of many gamers out there? Maybe, just maybe.

The 2013 seems to point at a 2013 release for this game.

Ubisoft has released the following statement to Game Informer addressing this matter:

There is no new information to share in regard to Prince of Persia. We certainly wouldn’t mind revisiting the series, though

So far, Clh. imax Studio has not commented on the situation. Maybe we will get a reveal at E3 of this year.