The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage Leaked

On 26th of March 2013, first round of invites to the closed The Elder Scrolls Online beta test were sent out. Since then, there has been barely a trickle of information regarding Bethesda’s foray into the Realm of MMORPG. However, all that just changed to due to the advent of the above shared video.

Beta tester released gameplay footage of the game on Youtube. Since then, the video has been taken down “due to a copyright claim by ZineMax Media Inc.” ZineMax being the developers of the said MMORPG game. However, as with anything on the Internet, the video has surfaced on other stream sites and can be seen in the 20-minute clip above.

The video begins innocently enough with the player, under the handle ‘Worst Youtube’, dabbling with the character creation suite and cycling through the different menus which show the choices in name and appearance creation; gender, race and alliance selection; class type selection and body creation mode.

The Beta tester has a male Breton selected, who is part of the Daggerfall covenant alliance and has chosen Sorcerer as his class. The player then moves on to show the different options for hair and then applying the final touch to his character.

After a brief loading screen, which shows information on the province of Hammerfell, the Breton sorcerer spawns in a ship named Spearhead, at the Port Hunting Wayshire.

Once the character is done with the initial burst of compulsively throwing fireballs all around the ship, the player shows off the different in-game options present for tinkering the clothing, weapons and accessories. After which the tester returns to throwing fireballs across the room and targeting the mice inhabiting the room.

‘Worst Youtube’ then displays the User Interface menu, containing several display, audio and gameplay options.

The player then interacts with Fenlil, the ship chef and goes through the different options of food stuff at sale from the NPC merchant. The Breton then interacts with a member of the ship’s crew named Tummah-Shah, who informs the player how they found him floating in the sea and tells him to find the captain of the ship on the shore.

As the conversation ends, the player demonstrates the vastness of the land available to explore by opening up the map menu. Zooming in and out from the current map displays the player location as well as location of the objectives at hand, and sifting through the different pages, the map shows areas of DaggerFall, including Stros M’kai, Alikr Dessert, BangKorai, Betnikh, Rivenspire and Storm-haven.

Moving forward, the player then explores the rest of the ship and then proceeds to slip overboard.

After a brief tussle with a mud crab, the Breton then finds the ship’s captain; Kaleen, who gives him tasks of recruiting people for her crew.

Post conversation, ‘Worst Youtube’ shows off the skill tree available and cycles through the options of abilities obtainable for the Sorcerer class, and then opens up the ‘Lore Menu’ containing the list of lore and stories available to the players to digest at their convenience.

After which the player moves through the social connection options present in game and the achievement list available to the players of Elder Scrolls Online.

After this venture into the game minus, the player continues to explore the shore and happens on to a body of a dead pirate. Searching the body yields a note which opens up the first quest.

While exploring the nearby ruins the player happens upon a pack of wolves as well as a fellow player, who assists the Breton sorcerer in vanquishing the hounds.

Further exploration lands the player in the midst of a couple of NPC enemies who proceed to beat the player to death.

The character then spawns at a Wayshrine and proceeds to explore the nearby village, where he happens upon Crafty Lerisa. She gives the player another quest.

After this, the player proceeds to explore the shores, islands and ruins and runs into a pack of wolves in the adjoining dessert.

Suffering another death, this time at the hands of a trio of hounds, the player chose against the option to spawn at wayshrine and decides to explore the dessert in his spirit form until he revives in a couple of seconds.

‘Worst Youtube’ then takes a breather and participates in the chat window on the bottom left corner of the screen and shows off a couple of taunts and character animations.

As the brief stint of tom foolery subsides, the player moves forward towards nearby ruins of an old temple where the Breton comes by a book with the account of King of Hammerfell.

The character then shifts into first-person mode and takes a couple of precision shots of fireballs at a nearby scorpion.

After which the Beta tester closes the gameplay roundup by interacting with an adjacent bed and lays the character down and ends the video by going through the quest journal menu.

The video shows a comprehensive view of the options that are at the players’ disposal in The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the vast area available for exploration and the gameplay elements that are part of the game.

If the video or the player account piques your interest, there is still time to become a part of this closed Beta. You can click here to sign up for this ongoing Beta testing.