Road Rash Lead Programmer Seeks Kickstarter Funding For Road Redemption

Ever yearn for the good old days of games like Road Rash? It’s as if no developer these days is willing to risk their dollar on one of those classic genres. Well, except one, it seems.

Indie developer Darkseas Games has taken it upon itself to bring back this lost and forgotten gem of a genre in the form of Road Redemption, and needs your help to do so. The company has taken to Kickstarter (as many indie devs are wont to do these days) in order to coax the public to support them in the endeavor.

Their pitch video looks pretty good. It’s crisp, concise and most importantly, admits that the game might actually not be a huge commercial success. The staff doesn’t look especially huge, but they say they’ve got experienced people from various well respected studios working on the project from Blizzard to Bioware.

With a modest goal of $160,000 and $33,000 already knocked out of the way, there’s a real chance that this game could see the light of day. While Road Rash creator Dan Geisler recently stated that he was interested in making another Road Rash, he is apparently not directly involved in this project, although he has given it his blessing.

I want to play that! Get funded and kick ass! Best Wishes! Dan Geisler Lead programmer / Co-Designer Road Rash 1,2,& 3

Well, what are you doing here? Get over to Kickstarter and throw money at the screen!