Nintendo Direct On The Way Exclusively For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo started teasing us today with promises of a new Nintendo Direct web-cast coming to us on April 17. This newest Nintendo Direct is going to be focusing completely on their flagship handheld console, the 3DS. The publisher have promised that they will be revealing “the latest on Nintendo 3DS” at this event, but are yet to reveal any other specific details through any medium.

The event will be broadcast live at 07:00 PST, 10:00 EST and 15:00 BST/GMT from Nintendo’s own website as well as various other outlets.

What they will be revealing still remains a mystery. Nintendo have used their recent Direct web-casts to announce a small suite of brand new 3DS games that are to be released this year. The likes of Pokémon X and Y, as well as Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team are just a few of the games we are all waiting on for more news. There’s also not long until the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the next major title for the 3DS which is due out June 9 in North America and June 14 in Europe.

Whether this Nintendo Direct will focus on news on existing titles or be used as a platform to announce yet more games for the 3DS is still up in the air. Fans the world over and hoping to see some more news on the new Pokémon games that are due out in October.

Considering it was only last week that we were teased with the image of one of the new Pokémon that we’ll see in the next generation, there is definitely a strong possibility that Nintendo are going to reveal a few more details about the mysterious new region and the new range of creatures that we will be battling and capturing in Pokémon X and Y. I know that I personally am with the legions of Pokémon fans who are desperate to hear some news on the new games.

If Nintendo use this as a ground to announce some new titles though, what games might we see? With the recent sequel to Luigi’s Mansion, might we see some additions to Nintendo’s GameCube era titles? Perhaps a brand new Super Mario Sunshine will be coming our way that can make good use of the 3DS’ touchpad.

Nintendo have already promised that we’ll be seeing new Legend of Zelda and Mario games on the Wii U this year, debuting at E3, so perhaps side-titles that will have some connectivity with those? I also note that there’s a significant lack of Metroid being mentioned, so maybe Nintendo are holding that back for their Direct conference on Wednesday. I know I’d love to see a Metroid Fusion style game on the 3DS.

Speculation aside, it’s quite rare that Nintendo disappoint with announcements or news, so whatever we see on Wednesday should be well received. With them calling it “the latest,” I’ve got my fingers crossed for the announcement of some new titles to beef up the 3DS’ library.

What do you think will come of this Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct?