Mirror’s Edge Running in Oculus Rift

Remember Mirror’s Edge? It was unique, it was beautiful, it was fun. DICE’s little first-person freerunning title definitely made some noise in the gaming industry just because it was so different, and people didn’t expect it. A lot of the beauty in the game was running across the rooftops and looking out across the skyline of the city.

With that memory firmly in place, what if I told you that it could be better? Well, some third-party drivers allow you to play Mirror’s Edge on the new Oculus Rift virtual reality kit. Since it’s still new technology, there are a few kinks when using the Oculus Rift (Such as the headache that you will most likely get), but it lets you get really into your game.

It’s especially useful for first-person titles and any game that puts you in a cockpit since it strips away many layers of separation by actually making your personal first-person view that of your game’s first-person view.

Mirror’s Edge was stunning when played on a normal television screen. Just imagine how  much more exhilarating it could be when viewed in virtual-reality first-person instead of on your TV. Even if it doesn’t give you a headache, you’d be quite likely to get some vertigo first!

In the video playthrough at the top of this article, you can see Cymatic Bruce as he plays through Mirror’s Edge on the Oculus Rift development kit.

Even if you’re not a fan of Mirror’s Edge, then this video is still worth checking out just for the reaction cam so you can see what it’s actually like for someone to play a video game using one of these kits. The video is still a little bit disorientating (It keeps making me go cross-eyed…), but I’m glad I checked it out. Hopefully developers will be able to make use of this kind of technology in similar ways in the future.

Bruce uses the open-source Vireio Perception driver in order to make these videos. Vireio is known to work with a number of Source games, as well as Bethesda’s Skyrim. Just imagine killing some dragons up close and personal when you’ve got this kind of first person view!