Injustice: Gods Among Us Deathstroke Moves, Combos and Strategy Guide

Deathstroke is possibly most well known for being the primary antagonist for the Teen Titans for the first two seasons of the animated TV series. Of course, in that show, he went by his first name; Slade.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Deathstroke Moves, Combos and Strategy

Slade Wilson was once a US military Special Forces person, and as such he gained invaluable training in many forms of combat, both in the battlefield and as a strategist. He underwent an experimental procedure at the behest of his superiors in order to eliminate his human limitations and become faster, smarter and stronger.

The experiment was a success, but Deathstroke’s unit was soon disbanded. A jaded and embittered Slade soon shifted to the life of a mercenary for hire and became famous as an assassin who would always get the job done.

Aside from his super strength and speed, Slade’s cunning and intellect is what truly makes him an opponent to be feared. Constantly playing mind games with his enemies allows him to stand toe-to-toe with the kind of monstrous powers one finds in the DC universe.

“Volunteering for a U.S military experiment that almost killed him, Slade Wilson found his physiology enhanced to a super-human degree. Dishonorably discharged, Slade became the world’s most feared assassin”.

Button Key Mapping

  • PS3/Xbox 360 = Output

Triangle/Y = High Attack
Square/X = Mid Attack
X/A = Low Attack
Circle/B = Character Trait
R1/RB = Environment Attack
L1/LB = Throw
LT + RT/LT + RT = Super Move
R2/RT = Meter Burn

Death Stroke Basic Attacks

Non-Lethal:  X
Target Kick:  Y
Slicing Moon:  A
Spining Kick:  ← + X
Riffle But:  ← + Y
Piercing Sun:  ← + A
Assassin’s Fist:  → + Y
Flying Axe:  → + A
Toe Kick:  ↓ + X
Spinning Hook:  ↓ + Y
Sweep Kick:  ↓ + A

Deathstroke Air Attacks

Double Knee: X
Double Kick: Y
Razor’s Edge: A

Deathstroke Throws

Forward Throw: LB + → or → + X + A
LB or ← + X + A

Deathstroke Combos

Carbine:  X, Y
Terminator: X, Y, A
High Noon: X, A
Human Hunting: X, A, Y
Contract Killer: ← + X, Y + ↑
Never Saw It: ← + X, A + ↓
Tango Down:  Y, A
Silent Approach:  Y, A, X
Search And Destroy:  → +Y, A
Retractable Stock:  ← + Y, Y
Identity Crisis:  ← + Y, Y, Y
Checkmate:  ← + Y, A
Slade Way:  ← + Y, A, Y + →
Cold Steel: A, Y
Diamond Blade: A, Y, A
Kill Confirmed: A, Y, A, X

Deathstroke Bounce Cancels

Flying Axe:  → →, RT
Piercing Sun:  ← ←, RT

Deathstroke Special Moves

Quick Fire:  ↓→X
Low Shots:  ←↓X
Machine Gun:  ↓→Y
Upward Machine Gun:  ↓ ← Y
Sword Spin:  ↓ ← A
(Air) Quick Fire:  ↓→X
Sword Flip:  ↓→A

Deathstroke Super Move

Eye For An Eye:  LT + RT

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