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Mega Man 2 OST Released by Capcom

Earlier this month Capcom began an initiative to provide “legitimately in the West”, the complete soundtracks of the original Mega Man titles released on the NES.

The 28 different tracks for the first Mega Man title went live in Capcom’s Store on April 6th for $8.95. Following that the firm has now released the official soundtrack of Mega Man 2 as well.

The album consists of 42 tracks and is available digitally for the same $8.95 price tag.

One problem though, the tracks are only available on the US Capcom Store.

The files come in DRM-free MP3 format, but we have to limit sales to North, Central and South America. Apologies to anyone who can’t access the US Capcom Store :/

Takashi Tateishi, under the alias “Ogeretsu Kun” composed a majority of Mega Man 2’s soundtrack. He is also credited for the music composition of the arcade version of Willow and U.N. Squadron. Other contributions to the tracks were provided by Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae.

[Source Capcom]