World of Tanks Celebrates its Second Birthday

For those of you who do not know, World of Tanks is an MMO launched by on PC back in April 2011 in Europe and North America.

Yesterday marked the game’s two year anniversary. The developers of the game have begun festivities and they will last until the 15th of April. During the weekend, player will get 5x the experience they get for their first win of the day.

Furthermore, there will be 50% discount for the equipment and 50% gold and credit discount for crew training and retraining.

Moreover, credit and gold discount are also available on the various vehicles in the game. Additionally, if you happen to earn a Top Gun medal during the weekend you will receive a bonus 25000 silver. Lastly, there is a gold discount for the premium, with the savings improving as the length of Premium increases.

Besides all these in game treats was also held a livestream on Twitch yesterday. More than $15000 was given away in prizes. The stream lasted for twelve hours!

If you want to take advantage of all the bonuses offered then you should be quick about it because it all ends on April 15 at 7:00a.m. ET.