Minecraft: Xbox 360 Retail Version Delayed Until June

It has taken Minecraft on the Xbox 360 a year to stand tall as one of the firm’s top downloadable success projects. The game broke through sales record now and then, proving to the world that even a simple concept can pave way to a successful genre.

Of course, implementation is the key here and Mojang has so far done an exceptional job.

Last month the developer confirmed their game to have passed 6 million sales on Microsoft’s console. It’s big brother, the PC edition was released back in November of 2011 and was confirmed to have sold 10 million copies earlier this month.

With such a booming success rate, one would expect Mojang to take some time off and relax. The developer, however, confirmed plans of a retail version last month, which would allow people to play without the use of an Internet connection.

Minecraft uses an online distribution model on all three platforms – the PC, Xbox 360 and mobile devices. Hence, there was a certain circle of people who though were creative, could not get into building their ideas due to the unavailability of a stable Internet connection.

That would have changed sooner if the retail version had not been announced today to suffer a delayed release. According to the announcement made by Major Nelson today, the retail Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft will now release on June 4th. The reason stated was to include the latest update with the game.

Previously, the retail version was due for a release on April 30.