Death Inc Returns – Alpha Available for $10

Ambient Studios may have failed to reach their Kickstarter funding goal for Death Inc, but the developer is not going to let its game slip under the covers that easily.

Ambient Studios have now announced an alpha version of the game which users can purchase for $10. This will grant them access to the current version of the game, which will be updated over the coming months until its release in November later this year.

Those who decide on purchasing the game after its official launch will have to pay $19.99, while those opting for the pay-for-alpha package for $10 will be eligible for the final game as well.

“We were overwhelmed by the support we received during our recent Kickstarter campaign,” said Ambient Studios director Jonny Hopper. “Despite the fact we didn’t reach our initial target, we did raise support of over £122,000 — that’s a tremendous amount of support which has given us the confidence to push on.

“Doing it ourselves has also given us the freedom to give more back to the community. Players who pre-purchase the game now will be able to join us on this incredible journey as Death, Inc. helping us shape it into the game we know will be enjoyed by the world over.

The tiered nature of Kickstarter meant it made sense for us to limit alpha access to players who pledged $40 or more; now everyone who supports us will get immediate access to the game through until the final version later this year.”

Head over to Death Inc Official Site to pre-purchase the game.

I must confess that I wasn’t paying much attention to Death Inc, but now the notion of playing as the Grim Reaper and unleashing the plague upon 17th century England is getting too strong for comfort.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the game.

  • Command an infected horde against the evil King Of England
  • Paint your orders with a unique and intuitive control scheme
  • Ransack ports, towns and cities and convert their citizens to your cause
  • Use special abilities like Plague Rats, the Pigeon Pox, or the Cowstrike.
  • Use physics to alter the course of battle with siege weapons and cunning tricks and traps
  • Save souls in battle and use them to expand your operations
  • Build your base in the Nether and manage the growing business of Death Inc.
  • Hire minions, underlings and assistants to spread Death Inc’s reach further.
  • Unlock powerful units like the Plague Doctor and the Monk

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