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Ubisoft Fully Acquires Related Designs

Ubisoft announced today that it had fully acquired Related Designs, one of the studios behind the publisher’s Anno series of real-time strategy games.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed but Ubisoft already owned 29.95 percent of Related Designs, a portion that came from its 2007 acquisition of Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software.

Mainz, Germany-based Related Designs was founded in 1995, and its recent history includes work as the developer or co-developer on three Anno titles: Anno 1701, Anno 1404 and Anno 2070. Under Ubisoft, the 65-person team at Related Designs will continue its partnership with Ubisoft Blue Byte, a studio it worked with on the two most recent Anno games, for Might and Magic Heroes Online and future titles. 

Odile Limpach, managing director of Ubisoft Blue Byte, commented about the acquisition in a press release announcing the purchase.

This extremely fruitful cooperation can now advance thanks to the joint teams of Blue Byte and Related Designs more easily sharing experiences and resources. Together we will continue developing awesome games, including Might and Magic Heroes Online, which we hope will become a leading free-to-play title for Ubisoft.

“We’re happy to formally join Ubisoft,” said Thomas Pottkämper, managing director of Related Designs, in the press release. “This move validates our longstanding partnership and provides our teams with additional resources to expand upon their great work.”

What do you guys think of this acquisition?  Will it be good for both parties?