Over 1 Billion Hours Spent in Minecraft Xbox Only

We all know that Minecraft on PC is a huge thing. It recently managed to sell 10 million copies on that platform. However, most people fail to realize how much good the game seems to be doing on Xbox 360.

Microsoft has announced on its PlayXBLA Blog that gamers have spent over 1 billion hours. For those of you who fail to grasp the scope of how much Minecraft is played, let me put it like this; time duration gamers have spent on Xbox 360 Minecraft is well over 11000 years!

Besides that, the game on Xbox 360 has been a tremendous success story as well. So far, it has managed to sell 6 million copies since its launch, generating over $120 million.

Minecraft is available on XBLA currently for $20. Furthermore, a disc-based version of the game will release for Xbox 360 on the 30th of April in US only.