Need For Speed: Underground Reboot Might be in the Works

This could be either good news or bad, but remember to take this news story with a pinch of salt. That said, there is a distinct possibility that a Need for Speed: Underground reboot is in the works at Criterion following the leaking of a logo for the game.

Anyone can create a mockup like this one with minor photoshop skills, so again, take this as just a rumor. The above logo was sent to EGM by an anonymous party. They were told that the game is in development for Xbox 360 and will be set in a new version of Bayview city, last seen in Need for Speed: Underground 2.

This of course, leaves the question of why there are London and Roman landmarks in the logo? I cry foul. Still, there’s always the risk of being proven wrong, so I’m just going to wait for an official announcement from EA on this one. We will update you as the news progresses.