Kinect powered Iron Man 3 Virtual Reality setup is here

Marvel is using Giant TVs and Kinect to allow people to fill the shoes of Tony Stark as they enter the virtual world, as themselves, and try on the Iron Man armors and watch themselves use Stark gadgetry just like the hero of the upcoming film.

The video above is a glimpse of what customers in Hong Kong got to experience with this Iron man 3 Virtual Reality Setup.

As with any Kinect based software, the experience begins by calibration of the user’s body. After the machine has mapped their body, the users are able to enter Tony Stark’s garage where they are able to test his array of gadgets.

Mirroring the movies, players are allowed to try on the virtual iron man armor and test out its Repulsor rays, flying around in it and even dry a few dance moves.

The experience is surprisingly smooth and is further supported with authentic sounds that mirror those that the fan of Iron Man movies have come to expect from the armor.

This virtual reality setup runs on a Kinect equipped 105 inch screen and a “standard gaming PC”. While the technical requirements of the setup are not above the reach of current-gen consoles and the brief experience is immersive and enjoyable, there are no current plans to bring this experience into the commercial realm and onto the Xbox 360s sitting in living rooms of every day folks.

After featuring this setup in Hong Kong, Marvel is taking the station across UK to promote its upcoming summer blockbuster Iron Man 3.