Harmonix Servers up and Running Again

Harmonix, developer of countless music video games, had their servers hacked just last week. Harmonix was forced to shut down the affected websites for Rock Band and Dance Central as well as the HarmonixMusic website following the attack.

Harmonix has issued a statement regarding the incident, addressing their market audience:

Thanks so much for being loyal Harmonix fans over the years. For those of you who love Rock Band and Dance Central, we’ve opened a store on Spreadshirt.com featuring merchandise previously only available at in-person events like PAX, E3, and our Rock Band Night parties.

Harmonix has addressed the issue:

The security of your Harmonix user information is very important to us. We’ve taken the sites down while we investigate this incident and determine how our systems and the information we maintain may have been compromised. At this time, we have not found that any of our users’ information has been published or misused. None of our sites maintain any credit card information, social security numbers, or financial account numbers for any of our users.

Fortunately, no financial details or social security numbers were stolen and about a week later, they have the servers up and running again.

Source: Gameinformer