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Defiance Players to Recieve Boosts to Compensate for Lauch Errors

As with most MMO launches, Defiance has also had its share of errors, freezes and crashes. Not content with just fixing the issues at hand, the developer, Trion is also offering Defiance players with week 1 rewards for all their trouble.

These in-game gifts include a new title of “Daredevil” to be applied to the accounts of players as well as an assortment of stat boosts ranging from Script and Weapons skills to XP and Loot.

The Executive Producer for Defiance; Nathan Richardsson broke the news on the official Defiance Community blog and said that the 1-week rewards had already been activated on the player accounts. However he added that:

Although gift has been applied it might take time to properly activate on your account because of caching.

So, Defiance players who have not yet received the boosts need not worry as the rewards will take effect in time.