Age of Wushu Spying and Patrolling Guide – Undercover NPC Locations

Age of Wushu is a MMORPG that’s all about bringing honor to your own school of martial arts while sticking your tongue out at all the others. Therefore, as you can imagine, PvP is a pretty huge part of the game.

Age of Wush Spying and Petrolling

Spying and Patrolling are two kinds of PvP that are unique to Age of Wushu, and provide significant rewards both monetary and experience-wise. To be eligible for Spying or Patrolling, you need to make sure your strength reaches “First Understanding,” and you are able to drop “Novice Protection.”

Age of Wushu Spying

The Bond-esque act of spying basically involves you collecting pieces of information from offline disciples of an opposing school. To do so, you need to hit ‘N’ to bring up the School tab and hit ‘School Spy’ to initiate the mission.

You’ll find yourself teleported to a random location and gain three spying skills. These skills will help you get information from offline disciples, or evade detection from patrolling disciples. During the mission, you will have something called an ‘Exposure Value’. If this value hits 80 the patrolling disciples of the school, you’re infiltrating can attack you.

One of your spy skills involves executing a surprise attack on a patrolling disciple. If the attack is successful, the disciple drops a token that can decrease your exposure value by 40. If unsuccessful, your exposure shoots up to 100.

Use your spy skills and offline disciples to obtain pieces of information. You need to collect at least 10 information in order to succeed in the mission. Once you’re done, go back to your school’s Intelligence Officer to gain rewards.

Each piece of Information can is worth 16 experience. The maximum limit of information you can exchange for experience is 160. You can also exchange the info for five liang Coins, (maximum limit of 50 liang).

As a reward for a successful spy mission you will get experience, experience medicine, School Honor Certificates. If you do the spy mission during 18:00-24:00 and use the “surprise attack” on Intelligence Disciples there is a chance to receive an Internal Skill Leveling Script. Use it to increase your Internal Skill Cultivation Limit.

Age of Wushu – Undercover NPC Locations
Alternatively, you can start spying by going to the respective school and finding the undercover agents and taking to them. Get the info from 3-4 undercover agents stationed at the school.

Following are the locations of these Undercover Agents:

Age of Wushu Patrolling

If you want to do the (admittedly less cool) task of patrolling the grounds of your respective school, the first few steps are the same as during spying. Press ‘N’ to open the school tab and click ‘School Patrol’.

Some things to note about patrolling are that while there is no time limit as to how long you can do so, you can only do 20 patrol missions a day. Furthermore, they provide a 10% increase in experience conversion rates.

You gain 2 Patrol Skills during the mission; “See Through Evil” and “Spy Spell”. “See Through Evil” can be used on players from other schools, “Spy Spell” costs 1 Intelligence Letter. You can buy Intelligence Letters for 10 Liang Tael at the General Store.

What you basically need to do is to raise the exposure value of opposing spying players up to 80. Once they’re that high, dog-pile them. When you defeat an exposed player, you can get Information from them. If a spy manages to get a sneak attack off on you, you drop a token and fail the mission.

When you get enough information or simply get bored, you can return to the intelligence officer of your school to exchange them for rewards.

As a reward for a successful patrolling mission you will get experience, experience medicine and School Honor Certificates.