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Age of Wushu Kidnapping Guide – How To Kindnap and Get Away With It

Most people like to play the hero in video game. In fact, most games don’t even give you the option to be anything other than a good guy. However, in Age of Wushu, you can live out your dreams of being a crazy hobo kidnapping people left and right.

At least, it might seem that way to the inexperienced newbie. The art of bodily hijacking depends of certain factors that need to be just right or the ‘transportation’ of the individual can go terribly wrong.

As such, we here at SegmentNext have devised this deviously cunning guide to ensure your nighttime activities go off without a hitch.

Players must qualify for Jianghau PvP and not be under protection to begin kidnapping. This means the Sit and Breath Internal Skill must be cultivated to Level 11 or any school internal skill cultivated to level 5.

Preparing To Kidnap
The Preparation of the kidnapping can sometimes be the most important factor to consider. You must purchase a suitable knockout powder from one of the General Stores around Jianghu. The powder/potion is important, as the strength of the powder determines the success of the body-snatching.

Furthermore, when you are looking for an offline player, you need to try and find them in a somewhat secluded location, as there will always be some sickeningly righteous players looking to foil your heist. You’ll know offline players by their actions; sweeping, patrolling, performing in a square, shouting constantly about a store, etc.

Executing A Perfect Kidnap
Once you have located a suitable mark, target them and click on the powder. If done correctly, your mark should pass out and conveniently turn into a black duffel bag. Pick up the bag, and congratulations, you have successfully ‘acquired’ a passenger.

However, if you find yourself unable to move, you’ve just managed to get yourself paralyzed because either the knockout powder was too weak, or the mark was too strong. Don’t worry, the paralysis only lasts a short time, and you can try again in a minute.

Delivering The Kidnapped
Now you’ll be wandering around with a conspicuously large black bag on your back and a symbol over your head announcing you to be a dastardly kidnapper to all. Needless to say, it’s time to book it.

You’ll be moving much slower due to the weight of your passenger so you really need to make the most of your limited time. So called ‘heroic’ characters will no doubt try to halt your villainous undertaking, but you also need to be mindful of other aspiring kidnappers looking to take your prize away from you.

There are many locations around the region that you can sell a character to, however you won’t be able to transport a body outside of the region that you captured someone in. Therefore if you kidnap someone in Chengdu, you sell him to someone in Chengdu. You can sell to almost anyone, but keep in mind that trying to sell an NPC back to the store you picked them up from will be an embarrassing failure.

Various stats and other factors will determine how much money you will get from the exchange. One important thing to know is that there are specific NPCs that will give you a kidnapping task at certain times. They will give you a specific type of person to search out and kidnap for a special reward.

There are certain schools you need to avoid if you hope to have a career in Kidnapping. Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, and the Beggars frown upon the act of Kidnapping and it can prevent you from becoming stronger within those disciplines.

Lastly, if you chicken out and decide that the art of kidnapping is too badass, you have the option to cancel the heist midway for no cost.