Zenimax Extends Prey Trademark

It seems like Zenimax Media has filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office to extend its trademark for the Prey IP. The company has filed a total of three applications that cover pretty much every media that can squeeze a drop out of the franchise including comics, tv, feature films, online games etc.

Zenimax bought the Prey trademark way back in 2009. Prey 2 is supposedly being developed by Human Head Studios, however Bethesda said a year ago that development “has not progressed satisfactorily.” Its current status is unknown, though a developer later commented that the project is in limbo.

This might finally mean that Prey 2 isn’t as dead as we all have feared. Zenimax might also be looking into expanding into other forms of media with the IP as well if the Feature Films and Comic Books trademark is any indication.

Source: Gamespot