SimCity OSX Release Date Confirmed

EA announce the release date for the Mac version of their new city-building  game, as well as word on PC/Mac compatibility.

PC users have had the game for a little while now (And run into all sorts of problems), so those early buyers might feel like they’ve been bug testing the game, but that’s not the case.

EA have officially announced that Mac users will be getting SimCity on June 11, and there’s going to be cross-play compatibility between the Mac version of the game and the PC version, meaning that everyone will be able to play with everyone else.

As with the PC version, the Mac version of the game will be exclusively available through EA’s own digital platform, Origin. Interestingly, EA are also offering dual-entitlement for anyone who’s bought either version of SimCity. PC users will be able to get a Mac version of the game, and vice versa for Mac users.