Sega Preparing New Castle of Illusion For Summer 2013

Sega has teased a new trailer with the simple title of “Summer 2013”. In the trailer, the aura of mystery is quickly lost when one is able to put the pieces together and reach the obvious conclusion that the trailer is definitely highlighting “Castle of Illusion,” which was originally released on the Sega Genesis back in 1990.

The most obvious giveaway of the title would have to be the castle that appears in the trailer which is a dead ringer for the castle in the Xbox Live Arcade box art of the game.

In addition to the above, you can see the Disney copyright at the bottom right of the video which says, “1990, 2013,” and since 1990 was the original release date of Castle of Illusion it would only be the most logical answer.

Currently, it is not known whether the title will be a sequel, remake or anything as of yet, so you will have to wait for further details as they arrive, but I am fairly certain that fans of this amazing game are sure to be pleased.