Resident Evil: Revelations Pre-Order Bonuses On Steam Updated

It seems that the Resident Evil: Revelations pre-order bonuses for release of the game have been updated with a Season Pass. The season pass will get you four unannounced upcoming DLCs. The pre-order bonuses are divided into three tiers currently, with tier 1 unlocked and the second and third revealed when the pre-orders pile up.

Reward One: Artbook and Sountrack
Indulge yourself to a Resident Evil experience with exclusive Art Book featuring early concepts, designs and artwork from Resident Evil Revelations, while listening to specially selected 13-tune soundtrack. *content will be delivered at game launch.

Reward Two: Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions
Driven to the brink of extinction on ice-covered wastelands, humankind fights to survive. Battle to survive against gargantuan alien Akrid and treacherous Snow Pirates on the vast and frozen landscape of EDN III.

With no allies at your side, the only thing you can trust is your instincts. Combining a gripping single player campaign and intense multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players online, Lost Planet is an epic gaming masterpiece.

Enormous world maps unfold as players battle across vast snow fields and deserted cities either on foot or in armed, robotic Vital Suits.*free game will be given out soon after we hit reward #2.

Reward Three: Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass
Fight the fear with more weapons and more characters! Expand your RAID mode experience with the Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass which includes 4 pieces of additional content. *Content will be revealed and available shortly after the game’s release.

Source. Steam