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Quantic Dream Looking For a Multiplayer Programmer

Quantic Dream is apparently looking for a lead online programmer for its multiplayer projects in the future. The job listing was spotted by Kotaku on Quantic Dream’s official website.

Here is an extract from the job description they posted:

We are looking for a creative lead online programmer with a passion for online gaming in order to be with us for our future AAA projects.

Currently Quantic Dream has Beyond: Two Souls in its pipeline for the PS3. Beyond: Two Souls, like its spiritual predecessor Heavy Rain is a single player game heavily dependent on the narrative and choices players make in the story.

It will be definitely interesting to see what Quantic Dream has planned for the future. Will they come with something totally different and radical or somehow manage to integrate multiplayer in games like Heavy Rain.

I guess we will eventually find out about this.

Beyond: Two Souls is set for release on 8 October 2013