Next Xbox Console Might be able to Take Over Your Television

Multiple sources have told tech site The Verge that the Xbox 720 will include a feature that allows the next-generation platform to take over a user’s TV and set-top box in much the same way that Google TV operates.

The site’s sources also suggest that the new console will require an online connection to use various entertainment services, as well as to tap into TV signals. This falls in line with previous rumors suggesting the next Xbox will not only require an Internet connection for entertainment services, but also to load games, requiring an “always-on” functionality.

The sources said this feature is a “key part” of the Xbox 720 and that the service will feature a greater variety of offerings than Google TV thanks to Microsoft’s alliances with a number of content providers.

For all you Kinect fans, the sources also revealed new information about the rumored next generation of the peripheral that will ship alongside the Xbox 720. The new camera is believed to be capable of detecting multiple users simultaneously and can even track eye movement to pause content when a user turns their head away from a TV. That last bit is a little scary if you ask me.

The buzz going around is that Microsoft will announce its next-generation platform on May 21st and has refusedto comment on this recentbatch of rumors.

Source. Verge Via Gamespot