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Eve Online Getting An Overhaul For Navy Ships in Odyssey Expansion

The latest developer blog for Eve Online has revealed that the Odyssey expansion will feature changes to the, all important, navy ships.

Eve Online: Odyssey is the nineteenth free expansion for the popular MMORPG Eve Online. Amongst its slew of changes, the expansion will feature continuation of Eve Online storyline, new Disocvery Scanner, new “SPACESCAPE” and also a change in navy ship specs for the first time since 2009.

The overhaul will include variety of alterations to traditional Nvy battleship specs; some less intense like the changes to Navy Frigates and others more significant  like the changes to Navy Cruisers. The expansion will also add a new fleet, a Navy variant of the combat battlecruisers, aptly called Navy Battlecruisers.

For a detailed list of upcoming changes to the navy ships, please visit the full blog by clicking here.