Dark Souls 2 First Gameplay Footage

Dark Souls 2 footage has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen. Brought to the world by IGN as an exclusive, the video shown has game-play from Dark Souls 2 along with commentary from the game developers Yui Tanimura and Tak Miyazoe.

The developers specifically talked about the improved graphic quality of Dark Souls 2. Besides that, the video also highlighted several subtle changes made in the environments and game mechanics of the upcoming game.

During the video, we also get to see different monsters that we will encounter in Dark Souls 2. Furthermore, one other thing to note was the pitch-black atmosphere of the game. Enemies can bounce on you from any direction. If you have a torch, you can spot them just a brief second before their assault. However, in a game like Dark Souls 2 that time duration makes all the difference in the world.

Lastly, the devs also talked about how they aim to get the players more involved emotionally in the game. I for one, don’t know what they want. They made us cry pretty good last time around.

Suffice to say everyone is excited to get their butts kicked in Dark Souls 2. You can watch the footage here.