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Bethesda Defends Day One DLC

Bethesda has taken a defensive stance on their day one DLC. Bethesda Marketing Vice President, Pete Hines, in a talk with Official Xbox Magazine addressed the issue by pointing out that the problem stems from the gamers not fully understanding the development process,

“I don’t think they quite understand the development process and the point at which you have to stop making the game and you have to finish the game. So, the content people stop making new content a fair amount of time before it ships; it’s not like in the old days when it was like the day before or a week before.” So what do they do in the time before the game ships?

According to Hines it would make sense to start working on additional content and DLC:

“so why would you make them wait some period of time, months in some cases, to start making new stuff so you can say it was after DLC?”

“it’s not that we’re trying to put it out much later, we’re willing to do it later, we’re willing to continue to support it because we continue to believe there’s a demand and an interest in that kind of stuff. We’re not stalling for stalling’s sake.”

Hines presents his viewpoint quite convincingly and in the end promised that “Bethesda would “push boundaries” and make “considerably more noise””. What these new innovations are, Hines did not reveal.