SimCity Price Reduced To $32, Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles Is Free

After a haphazard launch to say the least, SimCity now has received a major price cut nearly reducing the price of the game by half.

The game is currently available for a reduced price of $32 from Origin. In famous for being an always online single player game, SimCity suffered from major server problems. However, all that stuff has been resolved and only $32 for SimCity is definitely a good deal.

Furthermore, Game Fly is now offering Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles for the best price imaginable; absolutely free! It can only get better if they paid the customers to play the game. However, the chances of that happening are very…unlikely. Maybe one day…but it is not this day.

For those of you who do not know Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles is a hard and punishing strategy game.

Keep in mind that this magnificent offer only stands for today and tomorrow. So, be quick about it.

Source. Escapist