ShootMania Storm Officially Released – Be Ready for Fast Paced Multiplayer Action

ShootMania Storm is a tribute to the glory days of competitive FPS, where games like Quake 3 Arena would give players a rush of adrenaline as they would move about quickly wielding mighty weapons of destruction. ShootMania Storm is a return to those golden days and is now available on the PC.

The game is being published by Ubisoft, and developed by Nadeo, who are synonymous for their efforts on the two Trackmania games that have taken the PC world by storm because of their unique gameplay style.

The game is currently available on Steam for the price of $19.99. Avid fans of the fast paced FPS games that have been long forgotten by the mainstream gaming industry should definitely check it out.

It goes without saying that survival in this game will be an absolute test of nerves, and I would highly recommend new comers to this genre to have a stab at Quake Live before attempting to buy this game.