Shadowrun Returns Coming in June, Backer Rewards to Come Later

We reported on the results of the Shadowrun Returns kickstarter project way back in November of 2012 and we also mentioned that developer Harebrained Schemes had pushed back the release date of the game to June. Well, it seems that the studio is sticking to that date, and you should be able to grab the title in a month and a half.

However, we’ve just received news through a kickstarterupdate that the physical rewards for backers of the game will be shipped out about three weeks later.

As of today, backers will be able to receive emails from the developer with a link and password to the Harebrained Account website, where they can send their mailing information. Digital rewards will be released on the game’s launch day.

The digital edition of Shadowrun Returns will likely be released via Steam, and all backers will receive a Steam key. Lastly, you have until April 28th (Sunday) to pre-order the collector’s edition of the game.