Naruto and Sasuke Get New Duds in Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Ever feel like just being a ninja isn’t enough? Sure, you’re a badass, stealthy, killing machine in orange but maybe sometimes you just feel like moseying into town and having a Mexican Standoff with your old classmate. Well good news for you then, because it seems that both Naruto and Sasuke have just received some new threads as a DLC for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

With the costume pack, you can dress our favorite Hokage-to-be as a Cowboy, a Gondolier, a Samurai (Heresy!), in Lederhosen, a Matador, or a Pirate (more heresy!). Sasuke’s new wardrobe is much smaller, with only one new costume that basically turns him into Napoleon.

Check out our galley below for images of their new look.

Source. Games Radar