Invizimals Announced for the PS3 and PS Vita with Cross-Play

A pair of Invizimals games has been announced for the PS3 and PS Vita featuring cross-play functionality.

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for the PS3, developed by Magenta Software, allows players to discover The Lost Kingdom from the point of view of Hiro. Hiro is described as a “young explorer who uncovers a magical portal that teleports you into a fantastical new world.”

The PS3 version allows you to transform into an Invizimal, using its unique abilities to fight a robot army attacking The Lost Kingdom. It also features puzzle solving across six worlds taking place on land, air and sea.

For the PS Vita, it’s Invizimals: The Alliance. Described as giving Vita players the opportunity to see “tiny and mysterious” Invizimals, allowing players to guide them to safety from an invading force using the controls unique to the Vita. The Alliance allows use of the Vita’s touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensor and rear camera. It also makes use of augmented reality to hunt and capture Invizimals.

Furthermore, The Alliance includes a collection of 150 Invizimals, allowing you to link up with friends and transfer characters between the PS3 and Vita.

Source. All Games Beta