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Alienware to Carry Ubuntu Loaded Linux Machines

Alienware, the gaming side of Dell, has begun selling some high end gaming rigs with Ubuntu pre-installed instead of Microsoft’s iconic OS.  These Windows-free machines start as low as $599, and they are actually decent builds for the price as they will be able to handle all current games without issues. If you’re looking for bigger and better, as most PC gamers are, the higher-end models will be able to handle all of the next-gen games that are coming out soon.

Alienware explains that Ubuntu gaming has something to do with Steam being on Linux as well. The company cites that there are “over 25 gaming titles available and more being added.” While the selection of major releases on Linux is still small, it is growing as time goes on and will surely rival Windows in the future.

These machines are definitely for the early adopters, but if you change your mind Windows can always be installed later!  Are you in the market for a new gaming PC and do these rigs seem like something you’ll be picking up?

Source: Destructoid