Virtual Moon in Entropia Universe Sold for a Jaw Dropping $150,000

As children we all wish about going to the moon (I know you did). It seems that one fan who just couldn’t quite cut the check for a real life moon made due with virtual reality when a group of players in this MMO decided to pool their collective resources and buy the moon present in the game for a shocking $150,000.

There are plenty of instances where buyers remorse immediately kicks in after you do a hasty purchase but it seems that these buyers are taking their sweet time to have their remorse catch up to them. The only real advantage is that now the player group going by the alias of, Modified Akoz Power, owns a very expensive piece of virtual real estate in Entropia Online, which they can then sell back to the developers if they wish to expand on to that territory in the later months, which they conveniently are.

While $150,000 is a bit steep, it seems that the developer of the game, MindArk and the new owner of the moon, Modified Akoz Power, have worked out an arrangement where the developers will share profits with the fortunate player group.

Getting rich through video games is slowly becoming a rapid trend, Team Fortress 2 has its own economy where players trade in-game items for money, the same applies to Diablo 3 and now we have this story. It would be safe to assume that a position of “Video Game Investor” Could carry a completely different meaning a few years down the lane.

Source. The Escapist