Steam Midweek Madness Has 3 Amazing Games up for Grabs

If you are an avid PC gamer, you must have heard about Steam’s Midweek Madness sales. The name of the sale is self-explanatory and there have been many great deals in the past. This week’s deals however, are extra ordinary as we see some superb games like The Walking Dead (TellTale Games) being sold at 60% off for $9.99, Mirrors Edge at 75% off being sold at $4.99 and on top of this amazing sale, we have Scribblenauts Unlimited for only $10.19 at a 66% Discount.

These games are on sale for a very limited time. I would highly recommend you scrounge up the cash and buy all 3. Each game is definitely worth every penny and every moment you put into it! Once the opportunity is gone, you may regret it.