Star Command Doesn’t Scratch Original Plan

The developers behind Star Command explain why the finished version of the game doesn’t stand up to the original vision.

Sometimes games are good. Sometimes games are bad. Sometimes games are supposed to be good but fail to live up to expectation because of problems in development. In the case of Star Command, it’s the latter. The final project ended up being two years late and didn’t have half the features that the developers wanted it to have, saying themselves that it was only “30 percent of the original vision”.

The developers, War Balloon, definitely had some much bigger plans for the title. Some expectant fans thought that the rather serious delays meant that the game would still see it’s final form, but all the little issues backstage meant that it just wasn’t happening.

First, and foremost, we are VERY proud of Star Command, the update reads. Is it everything we had hoped it would be? Of course not. It’s probably 30% of the original vision. Originally, we wanted different eras of ships starting with mankind first heading into space, to a lumbering Ridley Scott-esque commercial fleet to a more peaceful and exploratory Star Trek-like experience. Those were the thoughts of drunk men. We wanted research, a robust diplomatic engine on par with civilization, the ability to capture and torture enemies, and eventually the ability to invade other ships and beam down to planets. So understand that the final product is not near our final vision — and that is OK.

Star Command is due on the Apple App Store by next Wednesday, for the low price of £2.99. If the game does fail to live up to certain standards, then hopefully War Balloon can continue to develop and update the game backstage and try and bring it closer to their original vision.

Source. PocketGamer