Obsidian Entertainment Interested in Making Another Star Wars Game

Obsidian CEO talks about his desire to pitch a new Star Wars title in lieu of LucasArts’ closure by Disney recently.

Remember that last Star Wars game from Obsidian Entertainment? It was Knights of the Old Republic II. A fantastic game but with a huge amount of content cut from it that made some sections seem weird. I personally would do just about anything to see a third Knights of the Old Republic game, as TOR just doesn’t measure up for me. Now, I might just be getting my hopes up but Obsidian might just be leaning towards making a new Star Wars title.

Feargus Urquhart from Obsidian recently spoke with Eurogamer about the possibility of them pitching a new game to Disney.

As for Obsidian pitching a Star Wars game, or games for that matter, we would love to. Getting to work within the Star Wars world was a tonne of fun and it would be great to get to do so again.

We’ve known since February that Obsidian had a Star Wars pitch prepared, and that LucasArts had seen and liked the pitch but we didn’t know anything else about it. This new pitch could be the same game, but with the green light from Disney instead.