Last of Us Beautiful Wasteland Developer Diary

The folks over at Naughty Dog studios have released a new developer diary; this one is called ‘Last of Us Beautiful Wasteland’.

The video shows us the creative process that went into creating the scenery and surroundings of the Last of Us. We get some interviews with environment and lighting artists who reveal what an open process development was internally.

An artist would be working on something and would simply ask a passing co-worker to take a look at his part. The guest would then examine the environment and suggest changes and in this way the scenery would go through various review processes.

Vivian Ding, lead lighting artist also makes note of the extensive work that went into the game as far as lighting was concerned. She mentions that without proper lighting the scene simply looks lifeless and dry.

Ding also showed us some of the advanced lighting tricks used in the game. Apparently if you shine a torch on a red wall, the wall reflects red light, giving your surroundings a red hue.

How is that for a change?