Guild Wars 2 Launches Leaderboards for PvP, WvW and Achievements

Nate Long, web programmer for the leaderboards team, announced via the Guild Wars 2 site that they are launching their first set of leaderboards, which you can see here.

Leaderboards in Guild Wars 2 will cover three main categories: Player vs. Player (PvP), World vs. World (WvW), and Achievements. The first few weeks will show the top 100 players, but the leaderboards will adjust over the next few weeks to show “the most relevant information possible.”

The PvP leaderboard is based on single-round tournament play, which means it won’t count tournament and public matches that exceed one round. To keep stability in the board, players must have 10 matches under their belt before they can appear on the leaderboard.

PvP metrics are as follows:

“Rank – Current position in standings based on PvP rating
Wins – Total ranked PvP match wins
Losses – Total ranked PvP match losses
Win Percentage – Percentage of ranked PvP match wins out of total ranked PvP matches played”

The WvW leaderboard has been available on the forums for a while now, with its introduction in the actual game being one of convenience. The WvW leaderboard will update once every week, consisting of the following:

“Rank – Current position in standings based on world’s rating
Rating – World rating based on our implementation of the Glicko-2 algorithm
Deviation – Degree of certainty for the current rating. Higher number means more confidence in the rating.
Volatility – Degree of expected fluctuation in rating. Lower numbers indicate stable ratings, while higher indicate erratic behavior.”

The achievement scores of players will get its own leaderboard as well, providing a sense of overall progression according to Nate Long.

What rank are you on the leaderboards?

Source: Guild Wars 2