God of War: Ascension PlayStation 3 Bundle Discount

Both GameStop and Amazon are offering a pretty decent deal on the PlayStation 3 Super Slim 500GB God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle. The bundle includes the God of War Saga including the latest installment and a specially designed PlayStation 3.

The offer saves you $50 off the original price meaning that you can now get the bundle for $299.99, down from $349.99. The price still seems a lot but the bundle packs a lot. The PlayStation 3 that comes with the bundle features a garnet red casing, 500 GB of space, a matching red controller and the God of War Saga.

So what is the point of buying a PlayStation 3 when the fourth one is just on the horizon? That might exactly be the reason for the sale. Then again, you will still need a PlayStation 3 to play the PlayStation 3 games, unless you buy them on the PlayStation 4, but that is still to be confirmed. What’s more, God of War: Ascension, will include The Last of Us Demo. The Last of Us is going to be a PlayStation exclusive that is yet to be released so it might not be a bad idea to invest in a PS3 at this point in time.