EA Canada Holds Playtests for Unknown NBA Concept

Electronic Arts used to be the leader in basketball titles, but lately, its flagship basketball games keep fouling out.

Regardless, EA Canada is apparently holding playtest sessions for a “new NBA concept.” The playtests will run from April 11 to 12th. The survey for the playtest sessions includes questions relating to Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer and NBA 2K.

In November 2010, EA cancelled NBA Elite 11, moving development to EA Tiburon, and also cancelled NBA Live 13 when its Fall 2012 release window became unrealistic. With the trouble EA has faced with its basketball titles recently, it seems fair to reason that the playtest would incorporate NBA Live, if not an entirely new NBA game in the works.

When Polygon reached out to EA, a spokesperson had “no comment” on the playtest survey or NBA concept, saying “[EA doesn’t have any announcements yet on NBA Live.”

We’ll keep you posted on this story as more develops.

Source: NBA Live