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Creative Assembly’s Director Temporarily Running Relic Entertainment

Tim Heaton from Creative Assembly is the interim general manager for Relic whilst they finish Company of Heroes 2.

In an interview with CVG, Heaton talked about how he’s taking the reins on Relic Entertainment so that they can stay focused and to make sure that the next title from them is out on time.

My role in this phase is to keep the studio focused on delivering [Company of Heroes 2], to find the necessary staff to take Relic into the future and to ease the transition. Although there are no plans to tie the two studios together, we’re already seeing knowledge feed back from Relic into [The Creative Assembly].

Heaton is taking the place of Alex Peters, who was the general manager of the studio, whilst they were still part of THQ, but he left the company to join Activision shortly before the first auction. Whilst Heaton is part of Creative Assembly, both his studio and Relic Entertainment are now part of Sega, so they all have one boss to answer to.