Consumerist Names EA as Worst Company in America

For the second year in a row, Electronic Arts have been voted by the public as the worst company ever in America.

With an overwhelming 77.5% of the votes, EA have got a second “Golden Poo” award to take home and put on their trophy shelf. They beat out Bank of America in the final round, as well as taking down such giants as AB InBev, AT&T, Facebook and Ticketmaster in earlier rounds.

The Consumerist also stated that EA has failed at all three of their requirements for a company to be run as a consumer-friendly business. These three tenants are:

  • Provide a product that people want
  • Sell your product at a reasonable price
  • Support the products you sell

When reached for comment on their second “award”, an EA representative pointed out Peter Moore’s recent blog post concerning this poll.