Blizzard Buys IGN Pro League Before Ziff Davis Could Cancel It

Blizzard is now the proud owner of IGN Pro League, a pro gaming event in Las Vegas. Ziff Davis, the new owner of IGN as of February 2013, set in motion plans that would collapse 1UP, UGO and GameSpy in order to focus on its main brand, as well as doing away with the IGN Pro League and its Las Vegas event. Before that could happen, however, Blizzard swooped in an purchased the rights and holdings of the IPL for an undisclosed amount.

Blizzard issued a brief statement on its acquisition of the IPL, saying the IPL’s current employees’ focus “will be on creating high-quality web and mobile content in support of Blizzard games.”

“This new team will help us to further develop the rich media experiences that extend the fun and engagement of our games online,” said Blizzard executive vice president of publishing, Itzik Ben-Bassat. “This is a team of passionate gamers with a proven track record, and we’re looking forward to now leveraging their expertise and technology to support a variety of online efforts.”

StarCraft II is a major player in eSports, and with Blizzard in control of its own league, we may see more Blizzard games getting the eSports treatment.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

Source: Blizzard