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Xbox 720 Reveal to Take Place Next Month – Rumor

If the rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is planning on revealing their next-generation Xbox console at the end of this month.

The Verge reports that the information comes from a comment made by Windows watcher Paul Thurrott, who recently cited a date of May 21 for Microsoft’s console reveal. A month before this, it was widely rumored that the reveal would take place on April 24.

The Verge seems to be pretty convinced that the date is genuine and that the event will take place at a small venue. Similar to Sony’s set up, Microsoft will not be displaying the hardware to the public. The reveal will only include the official confirmation, few details and specifications of the box.

A public debut will most likely happen at E3 this year in June.

I speak for all when I say that it’s about time Microsoft told us whether their new Xbox is going to require an always-on internet connection or not. The rumors surrounding the controversial feature as a mandatory addition to the device have caused panic among the Xbox consumer-base.

Source. The Verge