StarCraft: Ghost Was Never Cancelled

So, like, yeah. Apparently StarCraft: Ghost never actually got canned, according to Diablo 3 designer Matthew Burger. In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Burger was asked about the game. His ominous response was, “[Starcraft: Ghost is] on hold. It has never been cancelled.” When the inevitable question of whether or not we’ll ever get our hands on a copy of the game, Burger cryptically replied, “Maybe.”

Now, that’s not a lot to go on. In fact, that’s nearly nothing to go on. Burger could simply be playing coy with us, and teasing us about a future announcement, or he could honestly just be telling us the literal truth. Technically, the game was never cancelled, and it could, one day, possibly exist. That is indeed a truth.

If you’re unfamiliar with StarCraft: Ghost, it was(is) Blizzard’s foray into a 3rd person shooter, for the consoles. The player would play as Nova, a Terran Ghost, who would go around doing ghost-like things. I believe at one point, there was even talk of operating vehicles and even a multiplayer.

Blizzard never publicly stated as to why StarCraft: Ghost has yet to come into fruition, so one would assume that they’ve probably got a good reason, or two. So with that in mind, I’d temper my expectations and hopes for seeing this game come to light.