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Sony Online Entertainment Is Going To Use PlanetSide 2’s Engine For All Future MMOs

The ForgeLight engine is an impressive feat, that has created an impressive atmosphere for PlanetSide 2. It seems as if Sony Online Entertainment has realized just how impressive this technology is, as they’ve announced that every future MMO they make, will be on this engine.

“Every internal product that we make from here on out will use ForgeLight,” senior art director Tramell Isaac told Shacknews at GDC.”We can put 2000 people on a server, and we can have all those guys running at 60fps. We can have upwards of 200 on screen at one time. You can’t do that with any other MMO, period. You just can’t do that. Then on top of that, you can do it with visual fidelity that’s comparable with any other first person shooter out there.”

There are some pressing concerns about ForgeLight being too demanding on computer performance, but Tramell argues otherwise.

“The engine can be dialed down back to wherever we want to put it,” he said. “Every other game that’s made doesn’t need the visual fidelity that PlanetSide 2 does. It can be anywhere from the visual fidelity of WOW… but that’s the choice of the development team. It can be dialed back any way we want to.”

As a PlanetSide 2 enthusiast, I’m personally excited to see what else they can make using the ForgeLight engine.

Source. ShackNews