Rumor: Battlefield 4 to Feature “Road to Jalalabad” As a DLC Map?

We were able to travel back to the days of Karkand in Battlefield 3, but it appears that DICE and EA are not yet over their nostalgic phase and are planning on recreating the famous “Road to Jalalabad” map that was originally released for Battlefield 2 back in 2007. Ironically the map was released as a free download for the Battlefield 2 fans, but you should be ready to pay for this map among many others.

BF4Central has it on good authority that EA is working on recreating the classic map for Battlefield 4. The tipster who was also accurate about the details regarding the Frostbite 3 Engine has provided the same information to them, so they are more or less counting on the information to be accurate.

Any avid fan of Battlefield 2 would remember the glory days of Kharg Island, Karkand and of course, this amazing map. Seeing as how the previous maps were remade for Battlefield 3, it is highly probable that Jalalabad is on their itinerary too?

We have seen various maps repeat themselves in various Battlefield games so a HD remake of this map is definitely in the cards, but since we have no official confirmation, this will have to be treated as a rumor.

You should take this story with a pinch of salt until we hear a solid confirmation on this. On the side note, will you welcome the new addition?

Source. BF4 Central