New Black Ops 2: Uprising Trailer – The Replacers

After the finale of Call of Duty Championships, we finally got another look on the much awaited DLC pack for the Black Ops 2 named Uprising.

Although the trailer doesn’t feature much of the gameplay, it certainly is an interesting watch to say the least. In it we are introduced to the ‘Replacers’ who will be kind enough to take on our daily boring responsibilities while we play Black Ops 2: Uprising.

Bless them.

However, if you really want to see the gameplay then wait for the last bit of the trailer. More specifically, the gameplay action starts from the 3:00 minute mark.

You will find the following content in the Uprising DLC pack:

Magma (new map)
Encore (new map)
Vertigo (new map)
Studio (new map)
Mod of the Dead (new zombie mode on Alcatraz)

The DLC will be available on Xbox Live on the 16th of April. It is timed exclusive so it won’t be making its way to the PS3 or PC any time soon.