UK Retailers Unanimously Agree that Always-Online Xbox Is a Big Mistake

It’s no secret that rumors of Microsoft’s next Xbox codenamed, “Durango”, will come sporting an “Always-Online” requirement. If true, the controversial feature will inevitably drive consumers towards other options, or so does the current mass hysteria predict.

To help weigh in on the gravity of the situation several UK Retailers have stepped forward and put their two pence into the jar, sharing their thoughts on the system. Needless to say, they are most certainly not pleased.

They speak on on how much of an effect an Always-Online Xbox could severely damage Microsoft. These retailers defend second hand games and how their broadband infrastructure isn’t up to the mark as other countries are, so an Always-Online Xbox along with the continued rumor of the new Xbox blocking second hand games too can severely cripple the retail industry.

Lastly they also express their opinion of how consumers will more likely shift towards Nintendo or Sony in the next generation consoles if these rumors do hold any truth to them.

Here are some of the many opinions that wish to express their opinion:

Steven Doyle, the Manager at Games Dojo says:

It all depends on what the PS4 does. If Xbox doesn’t allow pre-owned and the PS4 does – it will kill the Xbox. Customers have been unhappy with rumours about blocking pre-owned games and publishers using online codes.

If the Xbox 720 is locking out pre-owned games, we wouldn’t be happy about that at all and it certainly wouldn’t help us. Not all of our customers are online and not everyone is on the internet so that could damage it. In the UK, our internet infrastucture is way behind the rest of the world and if a game cuts out, that will upset people.

Paul Whitfield, Owner of Excite Games says:

Blocking pre-owned would be a bad thing. It would have a detrimental effect on both the consumer and us. The PS4 doesn’t appear to be stopping it, so I think people will be more likely to buy that than the Xbox.

We don’t make that much on new games, as the supermarkets have devalued new titles. We make most of our money through pre-owned.

I put a post on our Facebook page a while back about this and most of the feedback from consumers said that if that’s the case, they wouldn’t buy the next Xbox.

As you can see, these only the thoughts of a couple of individuals who strongly oppose the “Always-Online” & blocking used games model of the new Xbox. Currently many gamers have probably learned from experience through Diablo 3 and Sim City that Always-Online is NOT an effective form of DRM. If a GAME of all things can’t handle a few million people, on launch and post launch then God knows how a console will survive without severely antagonizing the consumer.

[Source: CVG]